Flexible Press Welded Expansion Connectors

Construction and Application

These connectors are constructed from Cu-HCP foils with a thickness of 0,10 to 0,30 mm by overlapping the needed amount together and welding their ends as required contact areas without using any welding additive. This special welding process takes places under high pressure and intensive heat. These connectors have a uniform cross-section over their entire lenght and due to their homogeneus molecular structure ; they are perfect electrical conductors.

As press-welded expansion connectors can be subjected to the same loads as the corresponding bare busbars, they are mostly used together with busbar systems. As you can use them at standard dimensions with busbar systems ; when installing several connectors side by side , the standard lamination widths are reduced by 2 mm to avoid possible friction. We produce these connectors in S or V form to compensate expansions caused by an increase of generators. They are perfect built to deal with maximum forces due to decentralization and torsion. Especially U forms are manufactured for realize the two-dimensional movement inside welding machines.

Technical Data


  • 0,10 - 0,30 mm copper HCP-foils.

Contact Areas

  • press- welded

Data Table