Highly Flexible Round Stranded Copper Cables - Similar to DIN 46438

Construction and Application

These cables are manufactured from 0,05 / 0,07 or 0,10 mm diameter Cu-ETP1 wires according to the needed cross-section. It is used 1+6 (1-300 m²), 5+11 or 1+6+12 (301 m² + up) ropes construction that are stranded at special machines according to the needed conductor cross- section to provide the best flexibility and current capacity.

With providing higher flexibility caused by using thin wires and the bigger cross-section with small dimensions because of the construction system, they are well suited into small places, which also require movements and higher current capacity as well.

Technical Data


  • annealed Cu ETP1 wires.
  • uncoated or tinned.
  • wire 0,05 mm ----- 1 mm²
  • wire 0,07 mm ----- 1,5 mm² - 16 mm²
  • wire 0,10 mm ----- 25 mm² - 1000 mm²


  • plastic reels, in rings, on spools or wooden drums.

Data Table