Earthing Tapes with Solderless Pressed Contact Areas

Construction and Application

These connectors are manufactured from highly flexible tapes, which are braided from annealed Cu-ETP1 wires, and solderless contact areas pressed from seamless Cu-ETP tubes. The braided tapes and tubes are of same analysis and conductivity. No additives are used at the process of pressing the contact areas. Applicable as earthing tape where needed and everywhere as component for current transfer.

Technical Data


  • 0,07 - 0,20 mm annealed Cu-ETP wires , uncoated or tinned.

Contact Areas

  • seamless Cu-ETP tube ; uncoated - tinned or silver coated, solderless pressed.


  • non-insulated or insulated (shrinking tubes, PVC, silicone tubes etc.)

Data Table