Insulated Braided Shunt - Solderless Pressed Contact Areas

Construction and Application

These connectors are manufactured from highly flexible tapes, which are braided from annealed Cu-ETP1 wires, and solderless contact areas pressed from seamles Cu-ETP tubes. The braided tapes and tubes are of same analysis and conductivity.

The best alternative to cable; no cutting, no crimping, flexible, pre-punched, ready to use, quick and easy to install.

Technical Data


  • 0,20 mm annealed Cu-ETP wires , uncoated or tinned

Contact Areas

  • seamless Cu-ETP tube ; tinned coated, solderless pressed


  • Special vinyl compound

max. working temperature: 105°C self-extinguishable: UL 94 VO dielectric strength: 20 kV/mm
max. working voltage: 1000 V AC - 1500 V DC

Data Table