Earthing Tapes with Ametal Alloyed Leadfree Solder Solidified Contact Areas

Construction and Application

Manufactured from higly flexible tapes that are braided from annealed Cu-ETP wires, and contact areas, which are pressed to shape after solidified by immersing into alloyed lead-free solder. Applicable as earthing tape and component for current transfer.

Technical Data


  • 0,07 - 0,20 mm annealed Cu-ETP wires , uncoated or tinned.

Contact Areas

  • ametal alloyed leadfree solidified and pressed.


  • non-insulated or insulated (shrinking tubes, PVC, silicone tubes etc.)

* The specifications, designs and dimensions given below are changeable according to customers' wishes.
* All information about current load are not binding , only approximate values.

Data Table